5 Advantages of Buying Compostable Food Packaging on OtaraPack

With increasing awareness of plastic pollution and sustainability issues, many consumers and businesses are seeking more eco-friendly food packaging alternatives. Compostable packaging offers a viable solution, and OtaraPack is a leader in providing high-quality, customized compostable options for the food industry. Here are five key advantages of purchasing eco friendly packaging for food through OtaraPack.

Certified Biodegradability

All the compostable food packaging available on OtaraPack’s website is certified according to stringent standards like ASTM D6400, ensuring it will fully break down in commercial composting facilities. This certification gives buyers peace of mind knowing the packaging will decompose safely without microplastics ending up in the environment. OtaraPack only uses compostable materials that undergo strict testing verification.

Wide Variety of Products

From takeout containers and clamshells to tray packaging and beverage sleeves, OtaraPack offers a diverse selection of compostable food packaging solutions. This enables businesses to find options suited for many product types and purposes. They offer stock and customizable items in different shapes, sizes and designs to meet an array of packaging needs. The extensive variety increases the likelihood of identifying suitable sustainable alternatives.

Excellent Quality and Durability

OtaraPack’s compostable food packaging is made from high-quality, plant-based materials like sugarcane, wood fibers and bioplastics that withstand shipping and storage conditions without compromises. Their packaging demonstrates impressive strength and moisture resistance qualities through rigorous testing. This ensures food safety and product protection equal to or surpassing traditional plastics.

Affordable Pricing

While initial costs may be higher than plastics, OtaraPack’s compostable options are competitively priced considering their eco-friendly attributes and long-term sustainability benefits. Large order volumes also help lower per unit pricing. Their packaging prices fairly compared to mainstream plastics and won’t burn large holes in food businesses’ budgets.

Sustainability Marketing Opportunities

Compostable packaging allows companies to promote their sustainability commitments and appeal to eco-conscious consumers and retailers. OtaraPack’s customized designs help showcase brands’ green values through sustainable materials, messaging and certifications. This positive marketing angle supports increased sales and customer loyalty for businesses transitioning toward compostable solutions.

By partnering with an industry innovator like OtaraPack, companies gain reliable access to high-performing compostable food packaging that satisfies both environmental standards and bottom lines. Their extensive product range and commitment to sustainability make them an excellent one-stop source for green packaging needs.